This is experimental, though. Am i missing a step? Fix issue where the x64 version actually crashed if an input device had exactly four channels. Please note I am not trying to prove a difference exists – just to find a way to do the test properly. Do it like the rest of the Industry do: Crackles due to screen updates are virtually history now!

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Changes in version 2. Some localizations are still in the pipe.

AC’97 Audio Codecs (Driver Only)

Fix several issues with in app integration API added earlier. Whether this effort is continued or not largely depends on the willingness of individuals to spend a day or two translating stuff into their native tongue – solely for being given credit. Cpmpatible you like the artwork. Fix an issue that could potentially have made the driver fail when opened a second time.

Update 21 August Add general fixed factor resampling capabilty.

If that proves true, the most probable reason is wrong setup on your system. In order to install with default parameters, you need to uninstall the previous xc97 first. Crackles due to screen updates are virtually history now! I use the FW for multitrack recording and live use, and the Indigo for more serious on the move composition.


Fix another theoretical bug in the x64 audio startup code.

Hacking the GUI is fun I knowbut without a native manual, folks will still be lost! More changes to the automatic latency compensation still work in progress.

Never check this for USB devices, though!

Realtek ac97 compatibility

This used to be a co,patible annoyance in systems with more than one audio device. Function of the “Always Resample” checkbox was inverted. Add proper version display to the control panel.

Made it work awio ISA cards yeah, right! More minor improvements, most of which mainly serve to increase fault tolerance, others may change the world as we know it, but, alas, over time I had compatlble which ones and in what way exactly.

I’ve reinstalled sound card drivers, tried a restore point, nothing, nada, rien. I receive a lot of support inquiries in Suaheliit will not be continued.

Buy a new soundcard but only if you are serious about recording of course.

Symptom of an old broken download would be stuttering playback with x64 hosts. Put in stuff that is supposed to provide a workaround for a Conexant HD Audio input issue.


Should sort of fix things for Tracktion, too. Am compatiible missing a step? Thus, when writing to the buffer currently being played, we are writing directly to the DMA buffer! Aeio issue where the x64 version actually crashed if an input device had exactly four channels.

There was a race condition that caused Sonar to crash on occasion. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Changes to the ASIO buffer size now only take effect when the slider is released, avoiding a possible reset message storm for the host.

AC’97 Audio Codecs (Driver Only) – Download

If the stream is resampled and is no longer bit-perfect that WILL break some applications — e. Fixed a bug that would make the driver not work with some applications if the audio device does not support 48kHz. Workaround for a conpatible in CT drivers.