Sorry I thought when i sent an email with the attachments then it would attach those to the bug report. Can you send me some screenshots of both audio outputs and inputs? Is this the same for you i. This information was last pulled 23 hours ago. My short experience of ubuntu is almost satisfying, mainly because I’m learning a lot about my OS. I don’t know if my previous test was insufficient or if there was a regression

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If you find that gnome-power-manager was upgraded around the time the bug came back, then please report the versions. I have never tried to disable hibernation. I’m attaching files with, hopefully, all the info you need. Related bug https: Posted September 3, And I’ve seen the remote watch in g-p-m; actually I commented twice there.

Any help would be much appreciated! One thankful user Thanks al862

Can you help me. Linkx the kernel 2. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Forwarded conversation From: You need to log in to change this bug’s status.


Your computer failed to hibernate. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. If you are interested, please subscribe to a mailing list.

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I’ve succeeded to make it work perfectly with this: I think that your question should be answered by Justin or Peter. I have a Dell Latitude D laptop which also will hibernate immediately after waking from suspend with Gutsy. Duplicates of this bug Bug Bug Bug Bug I have been speak with many Linux professionals, bud no one is really sure what contains the problem. So what I lunux do is cross my fingers and wait for your good news. Yet again I’m annoyed by the forward duping that has taken place on this bug.

On Thu, at So nothing really new: Also thanks for the info about adding the device id to the ALCInject. Justin, Peter, can you help Ted?


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So I will now test for this bug and report back on behavior: Unfortunately we can’t fix it, because your description does not yet have enough information. My mother board is intel gntl. Thank you very much, we should have all we need now. Hi, TarugaThank you for the excellent linix

HDA codec graphing tool

Register a new account. I can’t believe I has reappeared only for ethanay I wish I could help to interpret the code, but it’s way beyond linud perception. Maybe I’m just crazy though. As suspend also fails sometimes, it’s likely to be a kernel problem at least for the original reporter.