Forums Posts Latest Posts. Yamaha uses ASIO drivers exclusively. Hi there Mark, Sorry you’re still having trouble. Let me know how you make out. I have my power management disabled as well I will most likely double post this as a possible bug and see what other help I can get.

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Again, the Forums at mlancentral have info, as do the Readme files. Try this Sound on Sound article: Play with this setting for the best result on your machine. You have the Motif and the 01X.

Giorgio and kwgm, Thank you both for the quick response. The card just wouldn’t run simultaneously with my Firewire card without causing all kinds of audio artifact and dropouts. For instance, if it saysbring it up to I have tried about 3 different firewire cables thinking it is my cables – The problem still exsists. Now I found someone else with the same issue and had them try my temporary fix and they confirmed it does indeed work.

You really only need super low latency when you are composing. Hi, I just had to redo my computer due to some issues I was having with it. Do other sequencers have this problem, I wonder?


mLan ASIO drivers and Standalone | NI Community Forum

I just installed Sonar and for some strange reason I cannot get Sonar to see my audio inputs. So I am completely lost in what else to try.

You can go with a higher setting once your are mixing. Dropouts and Other Audio Problems. I have all the latest Sonar patches installed.

Now to test this I went back into Sonar and played my song from the top while remianing inside of Sonar and I got random drop outs threwout my song but if I switch back to task manager the song plays without drop outs. Try turning your latency up a little and see if that does it.

You have dropouts, which is usually a simple problem. Here, up your Preferred Buffer Size a couple of clicks.

Calling mLAN Users??? | Cakewalk Forums

It’s been a while Be patient, you’ll get there a step at a time. This is very strange??? I have even tried setting different latency settings, no luck!

Also, have you checked for zsio drivers for your Firewire card? View this video to see what I mean: I know I tried this a few times but the last time for some reason was successful.


I have tweaked my OS as suggested on www. Tried setting the minimum inputs and outputs in the graphic patchbay – The problem still exsists.

Happy Holidays!

If I open Sonar and load a project and hit play I will get random audio drop outs but Sonars audio meters still show klan passing threw. Sonar does not prompt me but the audio does cut out. Then set your channels. Yamaha uses ASIO drivers asil. I have Sonar 5 installed as well and the drivers show in that version but when I switch over to Sonar 6 there is nothing.

I cannot arm any tracks for recording because they simply dont give me the option to select an input. The installation was successful.