This is the best workplace to get it done. Dice que tiene q contactar servicio al cliente. I just received my phone plan from Blue jay and just wanted to know if are any other cell phone available or what other cell phones are compatible. We have no way of knowing which class of mail Blue Jay used to ship your phone, Kristine. You get to meet all types of people.

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Good work environment, good management and training programs. Someone needs to find out whats going on in that office I think they maybe skimming money from peoples accounts. Upload your resume Sign in. The call reception is awesome send text messages receive and send fast, even though they might send you a sucky phone, any phone with T Mobile will work if you were to insert a Blue Jay SIM card. They would blluejay have incentives and competitions for numbers, which made it fun. They do not want smart phones, they want a flip phone with minutes.

Unfortunately, we cannot send it, Sandra. Your comments are moderated, and we will manually approve those worth publishing within 24 hours. This is a public website, so you should never leave personal info like that on any website because it can be used by criminals to steal your identity.


You have several problems here, Darryl. Dice que tiene q contactar servicio al cliente. We see that there are a lot of general comments and questions in response to the article, and we want to direct those fine folks to our Customer Service number at for assistance.

bluejsy Now in answer to your question, you need to contact Blue Jay to find the status of your application. How long ago did you pay them, Orsborn? Because if you get what I mean the Unnecto Primo sucks. Then I noticed there were scratches on the phone that showed it was used cell Phone.

Blue Jay Wireless Free Government Cell Phones

Blue Jay Wireless Customer Service: How do I cancel my services, my phone was stolen and I want to cancel it. On a great day, I can run up to 10 phones per day.

Sheri, this website is not affiliated with Blue Jay, so we cannot fulfill your request. I dont no how to used my phone for texting i told my mom nluejay dont like this type of phone becaus i dont no how to send text message please send me one touch screen phone i will mail the money.

I made travel arrangements, purchased remote equipment for site set-ups, produced weekly communication newsletter, worked closely with all departments for a clear understanding, and monitored the communication forums. I live in Lockwood Missouri Is there coverage here? I still cannot figure out where to get the actual cell phone.


However, I lost my phone in the downtown area of San Antonio, Texas —leaving me not able to contact my Tech. The program is so popular with so many needy Americans that killing it would probably be political suicide. How can someone have more than one lifeline phone. If I need help this phone would not do much good.

Working at Blue Jay Wireless: Employee Reviews |

For information on StandUp Wireless, click here. I would like to get one of these cellphones but, i want to be able choose the model i blurjay is it possible? I can count on my co-workers with trouble shooting on the smart phones or send my customers to them for upgrades.

My free phone was stolen from me. I want to turn on my blue jay phone. How can i get involved on helping get people phones here in hempstead texas. How to get one?