But you seem to know what you are dealing with in that respect. Check the forum’s marketplace and I’m sure you’ll be better off Hope I didn’t overwhelm you Every now and again [very rare] it hesitates to go into or out of standby and instead of troubleshooting that I’ve made official policy to always shut down instead. But simply pull it out and everything works with onboard as before without any user intervention or extra re-configuration. IBM Thinkpad T23 1.

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IBM Thinkpad T23 1. That drove me to buy a really nice T42 in late october with a fingerprint reader frsxga and 64mb video. I really loved the T61 and I miss it. kodem

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It’s a painful experience. It was in excellent condition except for a loose power jack and a broken lid switch. I’ve never had a new laptop, so the SXGA on this T42fr with it’s bright screen and good colour reproduction is a treat. It runs the onboard Intel graphics and the entire system is really cool, quiet and fast. P of Michigan, The 51st State. I’ve used the T23 for years since I like the keyboard a lot better and the touchpoint seems better on it for some reason.

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Ignore the 600r sayers if half of what they said was true, there would be no T42’s still working. It runs perfectly for what I need, and as a bonus with all my ‘upgrades’ it runs with a battery that lasts three hours. Yes, these machines can fail if mishandled, but you can prevent that nodem you know what to avoid. In fact I considered getting a T61 myself but I guess it would be a bad choice.

Although I’ve owned only one other laptop an old Toshiba – I can’t count the one Katrina took away from us mosem we could even turn it onI’ve spent YEARS installing, repairing, configuring hundreds of laptops mode customers. I am considering picking up another one, now that the price has dropped, significantly.

No one is listening, Until you make a mistake Check the forum’s marketplace and I’m sure you’ll be better off Good luck with your decision. Only had minor issues when first configuring and tunning it.


Last edited by ajkula66 on Sun Oct 17, 8: Both models have been dropping like flies all over the world, including my own T The T61 can not be fixed once it goes bad, and a different motherboard is the only fix.

If I could find a SSD cheap to fit into this that would be even better The T23 still holds mldem my archival files, but the T42fr is now the moddem runner. I’m just advising that a very high amount of caution is called for when purchasing one unless its entire CV is known.

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X60T PMs requesting personal tech support will be ignored. Still, the recommendation above for a T60 is a good one! The parts list on the support site will tell you which boards have real solder and which have the mmodem Lead Free solder stuff ThinkPad Forums Get Together!

It runs perfectly on my office applications with only mb of ram and although only xga, the screen is still bright, and the colours still good. I have a home computer that deals with my media.

Intel Core 2 Duo Merom T nodem. I was planning to migrate to this T42 from the T42fr, but this T42’s screen was a bit yellow, but the lid switch still worked. It is the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve also dual booted Linux Slackware and it becomes even more incredible.