The ads help us provide this software and web site to you for free. Emulated Cirrus Logic graphic cards are used in emulators. Suhas Patil founded the company as “Patil Systems, Inc. Advertising seems to be blocked by your browser. Name Cirrus Logic Inc. Retrieved from ” https: It is nice when accelerator uses higher internal precision, but dither pattern employed by Laguna is far from accurate and several overlapping layers of transparent textures can deliver awful almost stipple-like pattern.

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Mondello development took a back seat to the GD which was near completion and proved to be a much faster design with the use of Rambus.

Cirrus Logic CL GD 5465 HC C VGA Video Card

The CL-GD chip ought to be disappoing, because bilinear texture filter is one of the cheapest possible implemntation. Overall Laguna3D claimed performance of more than 50 million “perspective-corrected” textured pixels per second. Compatibility with newer game should be minimal, NHL ’99 and Need for Speed 3 cannot be rendered lobic.

For demonstration here are screens from Shadows of the Empire:. By the end of Laguna3D was ready for mass production, but the specifications were nothing like M2. If Laguna3D could draw full featured 3d pixel in single cycle as Cirrus claimed, this should not be a contest, but as you can see it rarely happens.

Download Cirrus Logic Laguna

Intel didn’t catch up in performance for many years, the i was not widely accepted and did not virrus any major designs. Texturing unit works in paraller with polygon engine, available formats include RGBA up to x pixels big. It was one of the lowest-priced SVGA controllers to support both.


Laguna3D has pins for second channel already reserved, to maintain the same board layout with future planned products using two channels to double the memory bandwidth. Clock of Rambus controller is half of data rate, which means own domain ticking at frequency of MHz.

First lowest quality, then default and finally highest. InfoWorld Media Group, Inc. Lack of own fabrication seemed to stand in a way of further expansion and Cirrus. Cirrus Logic has its headquarters in Austin, Texas. In the early s, Cirrus Logic became a supplier of PC graphics chips, audio converters and chips for magnetic storage products. During the latter half of the s poor investments, slow product development and overcapacity in fabrication ventures rained havoc on the company.

New millennium brought a growing demand for consumer electronics products based on digital logci and video technologies, which was a good wind for Cirrus and it carries them till today. It joined the Nasdaq market listing in symbol: Last chip revision C was for motherboard integration. This would make it compatible with 3D Blaster library, however tests showed otherwise thanks Gona.

Suhas Patiland in the company was reorganized by Dr.

Cirrus Logic – Wikipedia

The company’s audio processors and audio converters feature cifrus many professional audio and consumer entertainment products, including smartphones, tablets, portable media players, automotive entertainment systems, home-theater receivers, televisions and docking stations.


Views Read Edit View history. Better than nothing, but magnified textures will still be blocky. A year later came second joint fabrication venture with Lucent named Cirent.

Only download this driver. That is standard rasterizer of the time, sitting between FIFOs and feeds from own 16 kB of registers.

Then there are games partially giving up on texturing, likely because of failure in lightmap phase, those are using or originating from Quake engine, like Half Life and Thief. Space dust and engine trails in Homeworld are opaque and single color. First big complaint about image quality is broken texture perspective correction.

By Cirrus became major player in graphics as well as other areas of incoming digital future.

But Panasonic in the end decided not to deliver second 3DO to loic market. When the announced release date of the GD “Mondello” came and went, Cirrus’s reputation in desktop PC-graphics suffered. So there are different opinions whether the company was mismanaged or victim of its own success.

After three years of struggle Patil contacted Hackworth, back then in Signetics.