Unexcused Tardies within a nine weeks. Before being allowed Internet access, each student will review the Acceptable Use Policy, learn about proper use of the network, and become familiar with network etiquette. Anyone interested in joining track, see Coach Benfield. Expecting more students, Cobre hires 30 new teachers Written by C. Notification letter is mailed home to the parents by the school. Kathy Ryan English KRyan cobre.

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It has students in grades cobte a student-teacher ratio of 17 to 1. If lost and found articles are not claimed within a reasonable amount of time, the article will be discarded. This may include, but is not limited to detention, ISS, or suspension. A SAT meeting and intervention will be required.

Our goal in offering this service is to promote educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing, communication, and providing student with access to the latest educational technology opportunities available. Johnny Montenegro Alternative IA jmontenegro cobre. Schedule determination is based on the following: If the student attends school for more than one-half of the total instructional time, the student will hz-9 counted as having attended for the full day.

There will be no eating or drinking of beverages other than water in the classroom. Passing Periods – 4 minutes.

Expecting more students, Cobre hires 30 new teachers

Press Staff Photo by C. Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment during breakfast and lunch breaks. Materials can be made available upon request for individuals of limited English language skills or who are visually cobee hearing impaired.


If the habitual truant is not referred to the children’s court by the juvenile probation office for appropriate disposition, the District may contact the children’s court attorney directly to determine what action will be taken. Inappropriate use of these privileges by students and staff will result in cancellation of those privileges. The school store may be closed subject to students failing to properly dispose of their trash or failure to comply with this policy.

Romaine Begay Art rbegay cobre. Bulletin boards are to be used for items of fobre interest; however, all poster signs and announcements cobfe be cleared and approved by the administration.

Boys Varsity Football – Cobre High School – Bayard, New Mexico – Football – Hudl

These may be renewed, but no additional materials can be checked out to any student with overdue items. OSS is a cpbre disciplinary consequence and administered for heighten student misbehavior infractions such as, but not limited to, bullying, fighting, and insubordination with staff.

Dobre are mailed and invitation with a date and time to a non-punitive, family centered, meeting with the local Municipal Judge. Anyone interested in joining track, see Coach Benfield. If a student misses one day of school, they will have one day to make up the missed school work. Welcome to Cobre High School. Students attending Cobre High School are expected to: Please help us by reporting the final score.


Deandra Medina Alternative DMedina cobre. It is highly advised hs–9 college bound students check with the college or university of their choice for academic course entrance requirements as early as their freshman or sophomore year. All schools will utilize the following guidelines as set forth by the Cobre Board of Education to provide for h-s9 identification of students with unexcused and excused absences, truant in need of intervention, and habitual truants.

The student must request make-up work upon returning. Disciplinary actions will be enforced according to the severity of the infraction to be determined by the Principal.

Locker fees may apply. Parents will be notified when a book has been overdue from the library for eight school weeks. Students who enroll in WNMU classes offered on campus must complete both semesters of course work. The hz-9 also checks the hearing of the students in grades 9 and and the vision of students in grade 10 and Cober procedures will be updated yearly to ensure that all information is current.

These absences are recognized as being in school attendance and are not recorded as absences.