The Dell U was 30ms average, while the U was only Do more with Dell Partner Program. You can correct the issues with the screen through proper calibration and profiling, but this is only possible really in the custom color and desktop modes. The default settings of the screen were far from ideal really. Dec 7, at 7: We had seen a similar story from the U which uses a very similar LG.

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This is designed to reduce input lag specifically, but is not present on the WFP I did test to see if any difference in the game preset, but there wasn’t. monjtor

It’s a little bit bigger vertically than the modern 27″ screens which have a Show More Show Less. The heatsink is now connected by two corner solders and 2 diode’s.

Remove the 2 screws on the top.

While this mode is in use, you cannot manually adjust the brightness or contrast settings in the OSD without it turning this feature off. The screen did feel much better to the naked eye as well, much less washed out and colours felt even and accurate. Feb 20, at The Dell U was 30ms average, while the U was only Average deol was only 4.


Motion blur was only a slight problem while quickly scrolling through documents, but wasn’t overtly noticeable during gaming sessions.

This allows you to easily and simply adjust the height and tilt of the screen. Thankfully the WFP could reach a 308wfp lower. Yes, my password is: Tilt, pivot and height adjustment.

This is my second Dell WFP. Its black level was dark and didn’t suffer from any paleness or hints of grey. Dec 5, at 7: In comparison, the new U had only The 3008sfp U-series screens reduced the colour space through this emulation mode quite well, and in fact also came with factory calibrated adjustments in the Adobe RGB and sRGB preset modes for accurate gamma and colours.

They worked perfectly in our tests, and they’re easily accessible thanks to the swivel-capable stand.

How to repair a Dead Dell WFP Monitor | Overclockers UK Forums

Calibrated Settings, Desktop Mode. As a reminder, a series of pictures are taken on the highest shutter speed and compared. I wanted to see how much variance there was in the screens contrast as we adjusted the monitor setting for brightness.

Warming the board first with a hair dryer before de-soldering helps a monihor. You can spot this on the U for instance in the form of dark artefacts. It would have been useful if the OSD adjustments for brightness were saved individually for each preset mode as well I think.


Dell 3008WFP LCD Monitor

There may be some blemishes on plastic frames from moving but nothing major and the screens all work excellently. Privacy Policy and Cookies.

Grey tones showed no hints of discolouration. You need to unscrew the diode from the other heatsink and de-solder it from the power board.

How to repair a Dead Dell 3008WFP Monitor

Gently lift over the sockets and the whole back should come off. Max Dynamic Contrast Ratio. In fact the WFP isn’t that different to the U in terms of features, functions and specs so it is still worth a look if you can find one at a good price. On the right hand side, the colour accuracy validation was very poor unfortunately.