Surprisingly performance wise, both the Pentium 4 and D ran windows 10 quite well. I have a Celeron D 2. It was the 32 bit. Salmon Trout Posts Percent: What CPU does it have?

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Salmon Trout on May 10, Only problems I had was with messing around in the command shell of Windows 10 bit in which I got error messages when using edit to edit batch files etc. Got the new build of Windows 10 preview.

The build I was using is very old. Before posting on our computer help forum, you must register. However, there seems to be a possible revision later. Geek-9pm on May 10, Salmon Trout Posts Percent: BTW, wouldn’t this thread be better relocated to Windows 10 sub-forum, since that really is the subject? Put in a spare hard drive to see if Winbit would install. The Pentium 4 was a 3. Forum only search News: Got the 64 bit Windsors 8.


Window 10 failing to install does tend to tell you why it is failing beyond simply saying it is incompatible.

Home Help Login Register. I am going to do more research on this. Can’t remember if updated from Windows or DOS boot disk, probably was the latter. DaveLembke Posts Percent: Windows 10 buildStart menu gets refined Quote. Probably was a flash drive. Found I had not correctly blabbed a win 8 DVD. I want to put Windows 10 preview on it.

Optiplex GX/GX System BIOS

For one, I did not have enough memory. Bu it may well be a thing with the way Windows 10 is installed.

Please login or register. Click here it’s easy and free. Seems to work just the same as WinVistabit. However, the new build works fine on a Dell I have on my other desk.

After going over my notes and doing things twice, I found some of my own errors. Did you miss your activation email?


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What CPU does it have? I was surprised to see that Walmart now sells refurbs and his exact model. Surprisingly performance wise, both the Pentium 4 and D ran windows 10 quite well.

I will ask the moderator to move this to the Windows 10 area. I don’t understand why you suspect the CPU.