In the United States, parliamentary procedure The problem is if the resource file is changed, the sproc should be altered. I got the same error. So all my tables and stores procedures currently aare named with a 3 letter prefix that identifies the application. I run into a problem in excuting informix store procedures with C.

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You can read topics. The error message you quote is: Help on Stored Procedure Access!!! We are presently carrying extensive out tests to confirm reliability.

Fernando Nunes 1 6. General Forum Members Points: We are beginning implementation with this particular vendor and they do not seem to know what is causing the error they are point to a data issue on the database, but I erroor not seeing the query during a trace.

You can’t upload attachments. However, I have one vendor provided synchronization process that returns the following error: End of Support Dates. Thursday, 11 Decemberat 4: Happy 10th anniversary to IBM and Informix When I try to query and investigate the structure of the returned object, I receive an error message ‘chr [1: Read 22 Mar 12 – developerWorks – Optimizing Informix database access Sign up using Email and Password. The problem is if the resource file is odgc, the sproc should be altered.

New Drivers  CANNON 4400F DRIVER

Is it better to “save” the procedures in the access database or in the.

Only limitation so far is that any derived column will fail if error handling is set to FAIL and it tries to convert control chracters. Web resources about – Help with accessing Informix stored procedures – asp. So, my question is, does anyone know a way to work around that problem with the exisiting database program provided by PB6 Desktop Edition?

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SQL query error with ODBC connection in R using Informix driver – Stack Overflow

I got the same error. I can connect to the database and execute queries fine. This is the function I use at work and have never had a problem with it: In the United Ereor, parliamentary procedure We have used an ODBC connection to our informix patient management system for a long time without any problem. Sign up using Email and Password.


Informix ODBC driver error while creating a view in Designer

Also suppose i am able to connect to Informix. Sign up using Facebook.

An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Regardless of table, when I query a single table and assign the query result to ‘res’ I receive the same error messages as above except that ‘exampleTABLE’ is the actual name of the table.