Forums Posts Latest Posts. Gomez99 And yes I have tried different headsets, speakers, ports, and stuff. It’s like doing a Windows update manually. How many channels can it do at once? So I went to a dual channel memory config 4x4gb sticks and that seems to have resolved the problem. Of course if you’ve never had a soundcard installed it sounds fine.

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Intel Core i7 Batch B overclocked 4. Odd behvior with one Gpu fan.

On board audio is not working on X58 FTW??? – EVGA Forums

x85 Forums Posts Latest Posts. I really think the onboard audio is dead but beekermartin insists that it worked before he sent it out to me. He said he tried that but still nothing.

It is night and day. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? So I went to a dual channel memory config 4x4gb sticks and that seems to have resolved the problem.

One last thying to try then. Upgraded the Realtek drivers through Windows update.

On a small Rock Status: I had been trying somethings and I hadnt get it to work. Either 2 X ‘s or 3 X ‘s.


EVGA X58 SLI – Corrupt Onboard Sound – Win 7 x64

Have you tried a different set of speakers? It can sometimes “detect” a front soujd connection, and disable the audio for the back panel connections.

Did my default fan curve suddenly change? View More Photo Galleries.

x58 SLi with HD HDMI Sound – EVGA Forums

FTW3 Logo peel off. It worked for a while then when I bumped the table moving the tower all of a sudden sound stopped working.

I have done a fresh install of windows still no sound. He may actually want to start messing with the Realtek audio settings I mentioned above first. Forgive me for being skeptical, but most people only think they’ve gone through the extra steps, so I usually check a second time to see if these steps have been done exactly as layed in the FAQ. Shouldn’t be an issue. Third, have him check if the Realtek shows up in his list of Playback devices in Windows Sound.

Odd behvior with one Gpu fan. FTW3 Logo peel off. View More Photo Galleries. If he lived closer I would stop by and try to figure it out myself. I’m wondering if any fellow EVGA users have had this issue and if they found a resolution. I knew that the video card may be interfering with the audio so I left the video card driver to install last and I have checked in the Nvidia control panel to soknd if the digital audio was enabled but it is not.


It might not be sounc latest. I’m not gonna spout sound lingo mumbo jumbo like hz and frequencies blah blah to you but as an end user who games a lot a soundcard is a must. Looks like I will have to scrounge up an audio card as well.

X58 SLI Onboard Sound card issues

Isn’t sounnd a great design element Azuzentech cards are among the best and theyre PCIe. Yes, I did try it a few times. Did my default fan curve suddenly change?