Looks like the driver needs to be different or edited to exactly match the hardware. Formula said, Thank you so much! Keep seeing this so often. Your instructions worked beautifully. Being a computer system administrator and programmer by trade, I knew there would be no physical reason the device would not work under a 64 bit operating system. May good fortune follow you for the rest of your days. If you need any more adapters in the future, please look at models with FTDI chips.

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I will not buy Belkin again. But I have moved to MAC now.

What kind of connector is on the output port of the Belkin F5U? Rowly Walker said, Nice one — Perfect solution for me — Worked exactly as described. Awesome — worked like a charm.

Belkin Adapters Frequently Asked Questions

I then crossed my fingers and installed it. Just what I needed to configure Bluesocket wifi access points with Win7 laptop. What should I do if be,kin Setup CD of my adapter is missing?


Any help on this folks …. Thank you so much for your research and sharing with the computer community! Best regards, Sam Mike said, It works. I even tried completely uninstalling it and reinstalling it.

Lu Donato said, Genius!!! No I downloaded from this forum.

Solution: Belkin F5U USB to Serial Converter in 64bit Windows 7/Vista/Mac OSX 10 – ClearChain

Ariel said, Thanks, Ben!!! First I had to deal with Windows7 not having hyperterm installed, once I figured how to add hyperterm I ran into the Belkin dongle belkkin being supported until you saved me. You are a Rockstar. What lights should I see on the Belkin F5U to verify proper connection? Belkin, You need to stop ripping people off and contribute to the community.

GT Config Lite – Win7 64 bit – Belkin F5U Serial-to-USB adapter

beloin Still trying though, not giving up. So after find this info on another page, i used the same driver you did. So use the same belkin unit, but not f5u4099 a pda. Some serial devices require specific f54u09 settings to communicate to the computer. I have the Belkin usb to serial f5u Ruth said, Thank you for posting this! Dave said, Perfect, thank you, just what I needed for my monitoring project!


He was getting very frustrated and thought he had to buy a new cable. Feedback Please tell us how we can make this article more useful. After a quick reboot I plugged in my Belking F5U adaptor and it was detected! May good fortune follow you for the rest of your days. Thank you for your diligent research on the belkin f5u windows 10 driver workaround. Both devices suffer from the 64 bit driver issue.

No, this product is not compatible with vista 64 bit. Thanks for taking the time to post your findings. Arjen in Perth bekkin, great hero thank you so much.