The Flipper Table Module Assembly is not functioning. The Printer will print a single color gray scale on the front of the card. General Troubleshooting Contact the Fargo Technical Support Group by phone at or by fax at for additional technical assistance. This same selection applies to the K Panel Resin back option. Click and drag a box onto the Template. Examine the Printhead for visible damage. Appropriate heat levels should be applied for the proper erase process.

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Measure the total size of the desired area and enter those dimensions into the dimension boxes. Page Ribbon and film.

Visual Security is not an option for the back side. X and Y boxes. Select the Submit button to save these changes to stored settings in the memory of the Printer. Hopper Power Port Connect to dt400e included power cord.

Attach the Flipper Table Module Cover, as shown below. This small strip is needed to protect the Magnetic Head from the adhesives on the Cleaning Card. Ribbon panels found on each Ribbon. New port numbers may be entered into the Stored Settings area in the text boxes provided on this page. Normally the Prox encoder is installed into Bay1 and no adjustment is necessary. No protective overlay panel O is rtc400e since resin images do not require the protection of such an overlay.


Dtcc400e Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.


Page Rotate Front Degrees, the image will appear upside-down as it exits the Printer. The Home Page displays general information about the Printer. Page Delete an area by using the Defined Area arrows to select the area and rtc400e Delete. Select Portrait to cause the card faro print in a vertical orientation. Printing is cut off or is not centered on the card or a white border appears. Display information list printer about the Printer i.

Clean the inside of the Printer. Only Memory Encoder smart card An electro-mechanical interface to transfer data from the PC to a chip or Magnetic Stripe built into the card. Firmware is going through the update process.

HID® FARGO® DTCe Card Printer/Encoders | HID Global

See the lower left corner of this display. Using The Print Both Sides Option If an odd number of pages are printed to the Driver while this option is selected, then the Printer will print an additional blank side, and transfer it to the card. Wipe it down with a lint-free cloth.


Any input to the Printer on this connection is ignored. Recommended ID Printer Ribbons. Use the Fargo Workbench to send a test print to the Printer. The foil options are used to control the size of the exclusion area.

Open this web page at the appropriate location by clicking on the Help dt400e icon at the top of each page. Select this option to shift the recorded magnetic data to the left-hand side of the card’s Magnetic Stripe. View the active configuration of the printer in the Current Settings area on this page.

See the Using the Image Darkness Option procedure. The Printer is unable to communicate with the Flipper Module. By default the names are log1 and log2.