PowerMac Dual G5 2. This scanner has seven buttons on the front that are used to simplify operation. I accidentally fed a document through it which had a staple attached, and this has scratched one of the scanning components, causing a thin black line to appear down the center of all scans. How may I be of service? Let me know if you need any additional information.

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When editing Scanner Setups, mzc you select “Scan ‘n’ Pages”, the number of pages now defaults to 1 instead of 0. This has been fixed for all USB scanners. PowerMac Dual G5 2. The technician walked me through a few steps to delete some things from the library and application support.

The fix was to: V driver download page. I always scan and open the files later.

Do all of the scanners with ADF have the capability to scan the entire tray f-5015c do they need to break it up into smaller batches? The problem centers around a bug in Apple’s Mail application relating to blank signature blocks.


I did that also – I never liked that USB button polling However, our extensive online support options make on-site visits unnecessary for many applications.

Left off until needed for use. Then I did the “Save” step, but only clicked on “Apply” on the dialog box that then pops up. This page was designed to help you find Fujitsu FiC quickly and easily. Open the Toolbox, click the “Save” icon.

ScanSnap Manager for Mac

The icon appears short and vanishes every time. I have never upgraded to v2. Best scans are obtained at native resolutions. HP Photosmart Studio v. May not help but I’d try a direct connection also. Epson, Owner Notes: You can view the license at any time using the new “Show License Use Spotlight to find the remainder.

The crop problem seems to have been corrected. Fi-50155c any of the buttons launched Toolbox and performed the correct actions associated with the buttons. I don’t have any other scanning software to try.


The scanner is plugged directly into the computer via USB. But have you tried VueScan?

Double-clicking opens an item for editing. Here’s the reason why: Both drivers seem to coexist fine although at some point I may remove the older 5. The Epson Vujitsu Monitor is version 1.

FUJITSU Image Scanner fiC – Fujitsu Global

If no type is specified, the application Preferences for new scan type will be used. Of course this one doesn’t run for me – so who knows what’s going on. Fi-015c fired it up and it worked perfectly! Need a Complete System?