Overall, most of the numbers are close enough that noticing a difference while playing some games may not even be possible. One phrase definitely comes to mind when I look at these two sound cards: Well, the answer is quite simple in the case of the Muse 5. To estimate the relative sound quality we used the Audigy 2 card as an absolute leader in sound producing in game applications tested. Plenty of external connectors!

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I also played various funk and blues tracks and came to the same conclusion, except for one thing. Maybe Hercules foetissimo improve this by reducing the CPU utilization in a future driver release.

I like using techno tracks for audio testing for a couple of reasons. In the SoF2 some of the sounds, when a lot of them are played simultaneously, are either hardly heard or not produced at all.

Package contents on the Fortissimo III were rather basic. As such, it is best to do some basic reading before purchasing any soundcard. For each of the sound cards, I upgraded their drivers, and it was as easy and painless as it should be with Windows XP.

When I played the game with the Muse 5. That is why the analog section is not a bottleneck of the card. I am by no means an audiophile, so I am not particularly talented when it comes to noticing the minute details in sound effects and music.


That seemed to work fine, and everything installed normally, and the tray icon appeared as it was supposed to.

The benchmark runs through an air combat scenario once with no sound, once with 24 sounds, and once with 60 sounds. I confirmed this buzzing was not originating from the sound cards by unplugging the cables from the sound card, and I still heard the buzz. I wrote down what each one did on an index card and matched up the function with the color of the plug and kept it nearby the PC for when I needed to plug everything in again.

Hercules Gamesurround Fortissimo III –

For example, it can be uneasy to determine gamesurorund place of explosion when a racket blows up behind a virtual hero in UT The main window in this application is a pretty straightforward and easy to use interface fortissiimo lets you pick the appropriate speaker setup for your PC and set and test the speaker balance.

You can adjust the volume level of the signal and stereo panorama. This card is a great value! There are 8 presets in all: I guess Hercules thought this could save them and the consumer a couple dimes. Sometimes it’s difficult to determine a sound source in the games on the Fortissimo 7.

Take a look at this example from Hercules of how you should have your 7. The Fortissimo is certainly a lot busier looking card anyway. My last musical test involved torturing the Fort III with a variety of conventional and not so conventional rock tracks. The Hercules Fortissimo 7.


The user guide written in 8 languages includes the specification, illustrated instructions for installation of the card and its drivers, connection of devices to it etc.

Overall they were very good. Installing the sound cards was easy, and each one fit easily into the PCI slot I chose for the installation. Frames per second is the unit of measure for this benchmark, and this allows us to see how much of an impact 24 sounds and 60 sounds have on the frame rate.

It has a nice section where you can independently test and adjust the level for each speaker in your setup. In games, they can produce realistic 3D sound, according to proven mathematic algorithms based on real-world environments for example, EAX. Nothing too thrilling or surprising here.

It’s interesting that Hercules has no 6. I was not too impressed by the surround sound positioning. It simply popped up the regular Windows XP sound control utility. In general, this sound card is a good solution for gamers and for listening to music on inexpensive PC acoustic systems.