I hope this helps! Vortex , Mar 11, Cue Zephyr on January 15, , Road Case – https: Dither is always used when converting Sample Rates.

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I will say that the preamps on the Focusrite are fairly well regarded. Try adding Amplitube 3 and you’ll skip the amp altogether!

For example, the sensitivity of the inputs, and the gain setting can vary. A couple of the gentlemen here have tried nudging you towards the answer that will give you the best results at a reasonable price.

Garageband 10 latency

Also, make extra sure that you go ONLY to the manufacturer’s website in this case, Steinberg’s website and download drivers only from them. Personally, Garage band is painting by numbers – music by template.

And all the components are balanced to the same quality level. For more details, consult our LatencyMon guide. They aren’t steering you wrong!

Then also do the same thing in GB if it also has a setting adjustment.

Road Case – https: Your name or email address: I can’t help with Garageband. I can’t see a way to take the input out of the overall mix, it’s like the instrument inputs are getting mixed with the DAW output that returns via USB.

I did try plugging headphones directly into my Mac’s built-in audio-out and redictign the monitoring to play through that device but then the latency was something like ms i. I suppose I could lower the input level as much as possible and up the gain in the DAW so the dry signal is lower in the mix but it just seems such an obvious issue not to have a simple fix.


Discussion in ‘ Recording Studio ‘ started by VortexMar 11, No, create an account now. If you don’t use direct monitoring, the DAW can compensate for the latency between the track, and the instrument track with the VI on it, but there will still be a delay between what I play, and what I hear if I have the VI on an insert – even if I reduce the latency settings as much as possible.

Garageband 10 latency | My Les Paul Forum

I always set it to the simplest configuration I aio fathom. I also wanted something which would let me connect my PC and Mac to the same set of speakers so my 4-input mixer seemed a great idea, but in hindsight it seems I was trying to do too much I actually have an iRig HD I can presumably try using as a single-channel audio interface garxgeband.

Windows can sometimes experience permission errors based on the locality of the installer file. Please go through these steps to ensure that everything is set up properly: How to stop latency?


Maybe your head has a headphones out jack you can go directly into the Audio Interface with? We’ll see if it keeps working. Although a nice Focusrite audio interface with nice Monitors and Amplitube 3 sure would take you to a good place! garaageband

How to stop latency? – Home Recording forums

This has exactly the same interface as Cubase 8 I’m used garagdband, and lets gaargeband set a buffer size for the external Lexicon I tried and the Apple built in sound. On the built in sound system, the latency on the output is 14ms, which is quite acceptable – BUT – and this may be where it’s going wrong, the latency on the input is a whopping ms. Yes, my password is: Note that some of these things aren’t, necessarily, related to price.

Look for interfaces that have a direct monitor button.

Ira Frazier by Caity Chaos and the s. The 2i2 looks great but more pricey for seemingly the same functions?

They have very clean preamps.