Editing a Scancode Remap To edit a scancode: Tapping on the drop-down menu allows you to assign a port. The client checks that the certificate has been digitally signed by a certification authority that the client explicitly trusts. Insert the flex cable from the end-cap into J2 on the interface board. In the Call List: The default password is Tap on OK. Tap on the new icon.

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Graphic user interfaces like Windows CE 5. To set up a conference call: Remove the Kapton tape from the release liner.

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Tap the checkbox next to Disable the touch panel. The taskbar also displays active modifier keys: Refer to Troubleshooting on page for details. Tap on the Properties button.

Configuration Control Panel Icons RDC Licenses The Terminal Services license server stores all geneeic tokens that have been installed for a group of terminal servers and tracks licenses issued. Configuration Options Options Choose Default parameter to reset the parameter to the default setting. To maximize battery life, avoid excessive discharging and recharging of the backup battery by keeping the main battery fully charged.

Tap on the Create Profile button to begin the process.

WORKABOUT PRO 3 Hand-Held Computer with Windows CE PDF

Note that this rule cannot fail. A message screen is displayed instructing you to Enter Key Strokes to Record Type the macro sequence you want to assign to the Macro key.


An extension cord should not be used unless absolutely necessary.

A locked modifier key is displayed in uppercase letters in the taskbar. Batteries can be damaged by an over-discharge phenomenon that occurs when an empty battery is stored for a long period of time such that the beneric voltage drops below a lower limit.

Keep in mind that this option is only listed if an imager is installed in your unit.

In the Calibration tab, wi-ffi can recalibrate your touchscreen by tapping on the Recalibrate button and following the directions on the screen. The technology is based on a short-range radio link that operates in the ISM band at 2.

Additional tabs allow you to ggeneric suspend states, specify a suspend threshold and, when seated in either the Combo Dock or Quad Dock, determine whether or not a wx4020 that requires it can be recalibrated. Display Changes the appearance window colour scheme on the genneric desktop. Do not immerse the unit in water.

There is nothing preventing an operator from deploying micro- and pico-cells that use towers that connect with the home network over the Internet. Introduction About This Manual 1.

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WORKABOUT PRO 3 Hand-Held Computer with Windows CE 5.0

Do not use the charger if, after an overnight charge, any wi-fj the batteries feel warmer than the charger housing. It will become inactive following a key press. Once you ve completed the configuration: To choose the third letter in the sequence in this example, the letter c: By checking this checkbox, all owners, both active and inactive, are displayed.

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If unavailable, discharge static from your body by touching a grounded metallic object before opening any covers on the unit. This option allows you to choose Disable if you are not using encryption. Battery fault; battery is not charging.

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