Is it exclusively for use off-the-tee? The funny thing about feel is that it is really meaningless when it comes to performance, yet everyone THINKS it plays a huge role. I would love to see your results actually. KF 1 month ago. I bag the heavy putter as well. GAPR Mid was also a favorite among our pool of testers for its exceptional feel. Spero 8 months ago.

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Thomas 1 month ago. Ryan 1 month ago. Finally tried the Cleveland Satin Elevado at the right length and figured for the price it would work well enough. This new group is — except for the gapr — quite a bit better looking than the DHy…. I hit my 7-iron about I am a 5 handicap and wanfed was my wall.

My personal winner is a powerbuilt that I had to buy, and keep coming back to, but still never gamed in mowt tournament because of its name. The Scotty guys are always salty when their beautiful putters end up doing poorly in ALL of these tests. Lou Body 8 months ago. You have to price in the man hours spent researching, the milling equipment, the shop, transportation and logistics.


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The numbers are what they are. Does this data golfwpy any correlation of performance to toe hang and how open and closed a golfers putting stroke goes? I had to get one from the Cobra rep to test but can confirm the ball comes off like a bullet. Tony Covey 8 months ago.

kost DJ was in Carlsbad last week. Such is the cost of fashion. My feeling is that this could have a huge implication and also show up manufacturers claims further. Tony, what are the typical differences that you see between utility irons and similarly lofted hybrids? Jared 8 months ago. At 10 ft, less so.

Each putter is put through a comprehensive test consisting of a series of putts from distances of 5, 10 and 20 feet. The commentary is very much appreciated. The rankings are objectively driven by numbers and interpreted by statistical methods. I have the Hogan in 21 degrees and love it. The Best Year for Drivers Ever? For alot of weekend golfers this should help tremendously.


Mark M 1 month ago. No visible adjustability options either from what I can tell. Kyle 1 month ago.

That also explains how so many putters tie at each level. Should there be 5 putters like usual?

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Every year I hear manufacturers saying they have come up with the latest innovation, better roll, better feel, better weighting, Improved alignment aides etc. Like how can I visualize what an oversize gram grip is vs.

The wwanted point in these tests is to find what should reliably work well for the greatest amount of golfers. Felix Loo 8 months wanred. That means providing you with equipment reviews you can trust, as well as honest reporting on the latest issues affecting the game today.