If you watch this film, don’t expect much and you may not be too disappointed. Great to see you too! Melvin White Super Reviewer. This is their worst film, and afterwards I simply avoided their films. I felt that the story could have been more elaborate, and that overall the Farrelly Brothers are starting to lose their touch as comedic filmmakers. If The Heartbreak Kid doesn’t go totally wrong, its big problem is that doesn’t really go anywhere.

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View All Photos Miranda, we are ready to play Parcheesi! ComedyDramaRomance. This is their worst film, and afterwards I simply avoided their films.

Now Eddie must keep his new, increasingly horrid wife at bay as he attempts to woo the woman of his dreams. If you’re expecting something good from this film, you’ll be sadly disappointed.

Niko and the Sword of Light. In order to keep her from going to Europe for her “job.

The Farrelly Brothers have made some terrific, hilarious comedies in the past. Stephanie Courtney as Gayla. I found the film to be unfunny, and tiresome with a cast that simply didn’t bring anything good to the screen.


Funniest Scene From Heartbreak Kid

February 1, Rating: The gags really didn’t hold up, and grew tiresome after awhile. Single and indecisive, Eddie begins dating the incredibly sexy and seemingly ideal Lila. The movie isn’t great by any stretch of the imagination and is actually quite dull in sections. As the film unfolded, it just got worse and worse. Together they are great, Jerry is hilarious check ‘The King of Queens’ and Ben always hits the right note to make your day seem alittle better, the everyman’s man.

The dumbing down of the central joke just heightens its nastiness August 27, Full Review…. Season 3 Saturday Night Live: The humour is just right, you can relate to it, it has alittle slapstick and also quite sharp here and there.

Kjd White Super Reviewer.

Funniest Scene From Heartbreak Kid – Video | eBaum’s World

October 10, Rating: However with The Heartbreak Kid, they make their worst film. It was extrememely funny and Piledrifer admit that I quite enjoyed it.


Season 2 DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Also I felt that the paper thin script lacked despite its unique idea. View All Critic Reviews Now listen to me and listen to me haertbreak I haven’t seen the original, so I have nothing to compare it to.

He then meets a seemingly great girl Lila. Season 5 This Is Us: Gratingly unfunny, mean-spirited Farrelly brothers flick. Great to see you too! It just falls flat, flat, flat. He just doesn’t have enough presence to pull that off. The first part of the movie is the funniest because of Jerry Stiller and the way he speaks to his son about sex. View All Audience Reviews.