Optional configuration parameters for Hive on the server in the following format: If quoting is not disabled, double quotes are added around a value if it contains special characters such as the delimiter or double quote character or spans multiple lines. This bug is fixed in version 0. Delegation tokens in Hive are meant to be used if you are connecting from one authorized blessed machine and later you need to make a connection from another non-blessed machine. How to run Variable inside Beeline: File to read configuration properties from Usage:

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There seem to be a jar file for download from Cloudera, but it requires registration. Proxy user privileges in the Jbdc ecosystem are associated with both user names and hosts.

A row of the result corresponds to a row in the table and the values in one row are displayed in separate columns in the table. Used by Kerberos authentication with TCP transport.

When password is provided Beeline uses it initiate the connection without prompting.

Please be aware that these output formats are deprecated and hiev2 maintained for backward compatibility. Defaults to ; Usage: The other valid values do not provide encryption.


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Control whether color is used for display. Search or use up and down arrow keys to select an item. The default transport is TCP. This is a Hive-specific setting in which variables can be jdbbc at the session level and referenced in Hive commands or queries. He has 4 years real time experience.

java – Where is Apache Hive JDBC driver for download? – Stack Overflow

Script file that should be executed. Direct – Binary Transport Mode beeline -u “jdbc: You can also specify the connection parameters ndbc command line. The init files for initialization Usage: Siva will give excellent training for Hadoop,spark. Got More exercises and provide feedback. Versions earlier than 0. You get the delegation token from a blessed machine and connect using the delegation token from a non-blessed machine.

This is the default format mode.

Siva did an excellent job in explaining each topic patiently, gave many real-time examples And he was really patient enough in answering each of our doubts,responds well in time when needed. The values of a row are idbc as child elements of the result element.

HiveServer2 JDBC Connection URL Examples

How is HiveServer2 deployed on the cluster? Adds one or more files, jars, or archives to the list of resources in the distributed cache.


The script adds all the additional jars needed for using HiveServer2 huve2 embedded mode as well. So this feature is handy when there is an intermediate server such as Knox which requires client to support 2-way SSL.

This file is used to provide user-specific connection properties for the connection URL. These restrictions limit the usage in middleware systems and other multi-user scenarios, and in scenarios where the client wants to login programmatically to Kerberos KDC.

Embedded double quotes are escaped with a preceding double quote. He explained everything so near to real-time. When connection arguments -u, -n or -p are provided, Beeline uses jjdbc and does jdc use beeline-hs2-connection.

Hive JDBC and ODBC Drivers – Hortonworks Data Platform

The maximum width to display before truncating data, in characters, when outputformat is table. Open jsbc in a new tab. The rest of this section describes how to use session configuration variables to format the JDBC connection URLs for all these scenarios.