By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. What is HydraVision exactly? Lowki , Dec 5, This is something rather unique to ATI, as they allow on the fly changing of the primary and secondary displays which one shows up on the right or left and which one gets hardware acceleration in OpenGL and D3D. Fox , Dec 5, No, create an account now.

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Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. So, as you can see, cisplay primary display in our tests was running at 60 Hz, while the secondary one was running at Hz.

What is HydraVision exactly?

You can still extend your desktop to a second monitor, but your Windows taskbar won’t follow. Can I get a dual-DVI? The final screen in the HydraVision software allows hotkeys to be set for all types of functions. The box in diaplay upper right of the screen allows the user to set the properties of the added maximize button, allowing choosing of what happens when the button is clicked.

All one has to do is click on the appropriate monitor and set it to the desired settings.

HydraVision AMD Desktop Manager Display Driver | Community

Steam names the best-selling games of Found conveniently located to the left of the minimize button, this maximize button serves to maximize the current application to the full length of both screens. It may still have some interesting features if you risplay between different screen setups, other than that I believe it’s mostly obsolete now. On my Windows 7 machine when I use the switch user option to log in as a hydravisikn user I get a message box with the message “HydraVision Desktop Manager is already running”.


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Integrating all the necessary display logic on-chip is a neat way to do things, and it makes for a pretty sparse board layout. LG HU85L projector needs but two inches to cast a 90″ picture.

It’s nice of Krogoth to disolay in for Chuckula over the holidays. Do you already have an account? Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. Clicking on the desktop manager configuration text brings up the configuration screen. I have the latest AMD drivers installed.

Multimonitor graphics shootout – The Tech Report – Page 2

ATI seems to prefer splitting up its driver components into separate downloads, and you’ve got to reboot after installing each component. Sign up using Facebook. Email Required, but never shown.

Going further into the display properties page, one finds a list of attached devices as well as the settings for each. Each individual application can be setup to have different properties, a feature that proves very useful in application. Incidentally, ATI’s official stance on independent resolutions and refresh rates in Windows is that it doesn’t work, but I’ve heard reports of people getting it working with the 2.


For example, if you run an e-mail program in the background, you can have a new mail notification dialogue box sent to which dis;lay screen you are currently using. EspionageDec 10, Any ideas on how to fix this? EspionageDec 5, This is something rather unique to ATI, as they allow on the fly changing of the primary and secondary displays which one shows up on the right or left and which one gets hardware acceleration in OpenGL and D3D.

ATI Radeon VE 32MB

This provides an easy way to override the application position memory setting. As we saw in our comparison chart, although independent refresh rates, resolutions, and color depths are supported by HydraVision in Windows XP, they don’t work in Windows It’s not as flashy or expensive as the other graphics cards we’re using to evaluate multimonitor support, but diaplay do.

It can remember positions of windows on all monitors, you can set more desktops on one monitor or split the screen etc Here one can also set the properties for individual applications, shown on the screen below. Everything works fine after this.