Please enter a title. Doesn’t that seem weird? Please type your message and try again. You can not post a blank message. I could not get it to boot up in RAID mode ever.

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I run in AHCI mode I have done this for almost 3 weeks now. Intel has plenty of money to hire programmers, and 3TB drives have been available for some time.

Driver download

However, this should not interfere when you are under AHCI. It did boot up and run in AHCI mode so you are correct. Other times it would work normally. I have tried all the different drivers I intl find, Each time It takes me 1. I don’t understand how Microsoft can make drivers that work flawlessly, and Intel can not. Also with a boot loop. If anyone has any ideas to allow me to access the GB of missing space, I would try their ideas happily.

I am almost out of ideas myself at this point. Originally, I installed Server R2 64bit without the F6 drivers. I can copy data to it from other drives, but as soon as the copy gets to exactly 2TB, activity ceases, and no more data can be transmitted to the drive.


With billions in the bank, why can’t they hire a few more programmers to ensure their drivers are able to provide at least the same functionality as the 30 year old IBM drivers. I have used windows diskmanager to create, and partition it and I have used the Hitachi GPT provisioning software. After much diagnosing, It seems that my 2.

I could not get it to boot up in RAID mode ever. When you are installing f6 driver, make sure to select appropriate driver: This content has been marked as final. I then copied 2. If so, where can I got to find out about it. Does anyone have ich9t/do/dh suggestions, or ideas? You can not post a blank message. It seems like I have to build another machine, promote it to DC, then rebuild this machine without the intel drivers.

Ich9r/do/db boot drive is 64GB SSD and shouldn’t be an issue, but even after installing the intel drivers You don’t have JavaScript enabled.


ich9r and latest intel AHCI work up to 2TB on G |Intel Communities

Doesn’t that seem weird? I have deleted the hard drive, and re-installed it numerous times.

I can copy data to it at MB per second for hours, right up to 2TB, then the copy just stops. Just so everyone will know my current status, and avoid wasting time Explorer shows it is 2.

Please type your message and try again. The install went fine, but I have several problems. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. I have only one comment to add to the above. I can report this problem is “mostly” fixed. This discussion is locked.