I saw a similar camera which had these buttons for turning different types of vision on or off. I was skeptical because of them, but figured that maybe those people do not understand how InfraRed light works and gave it a shot. Skip to main content. But, because they’re so cheap, I purchased two – one to focus for daylight hours and one to focus at night. This unit easily mounts to a PC monitor or a notebook. I installed this cam over the crib, I was very impressed with the video quality with day light, everything looks sharp, couldn’t be happier, even though it is not HD like the box says. I bought an exactly identical looking camera from a store, and loved it – nice crisp image, good camera speed.

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I use this as a baby night watch camera by connecting it to my Mac and operating it with Skype. Excellent for night baby surveillance! Show More Show Less. Wcm-6lnf Night Vision CameraWhat’s this?

Kinamax WCM-6LNV Web Cam | eBay

Only usable as a standard webcam- IR function does not work as described. I use it as a simple baby monitor. But, because they’re so cheap, I purchased two – one to focus for daylight hours and one to focus at night.

Azpen Tablets with Web Browser. Hooked kianmax to a XP machine, works ok if the ambient lighting is ok, not so good in low light, don’t know what the LED’s do, never light up white as some people claim and appear to have no IR effect, picture black when I darken room. But this really inexpensive camera beats the heck out of wcm-6lnc cameras that cost hundreds of dollars for this purpose!


About this product Product Information This unique Night Vision web camera has the best features, including 6 infrared LED’s, built-in microphone and amazing 1. The LED lights never worked, the software was designed to digitally attempt to alter the image to appear as though they were on.

Installation is a snap with the USB 2. I’m glad I bought it. This unique Night Vision web camera 6le the best features, including 6 infrared LED’s, built-in microphone and amazing 1. But the truth not is disturbing, what interested me is to work under that OS. What I wanted was a web cam that allowed night time visibility to use as a wireless baby monitor to mount on the crib that I could use with the hardware I already own This might seem like a disadvantage but it is actually an advantage.

Kinamax WCM-6LNV Web Cam

qcm-6lnv Emailed support to see if there will be Windows 7 drivers. I sent a couple of messages to him and decided to purchase.

This is NOT true. Does appear to see IR from a remote, in a dark room I can turn on a IR remote and see the glow albeit very weak.

The built-in mic took a little time to get it to work with my audio card. Because there is no infrared filter so you can see images in the darkit needs to be refocused for daylight and nighttime.


Very user friendly, I’ve 6lde had a web cam before and was able to figure out how to use nearly all of its features in the first day. The other thing I’d like to specifically point out – couple of the previous reviewers indicated this camera is not true infrared and instead just uses bright light.

At least if you are going to sell a hokey camera they could at least tell me what it actually does. Was this review helpful to you? Do not think it’s 1. The focus is manual on the camera. I was looking for a night vision webcam for my son’s crib and came across minamax.

Or so I thought This little guy is quite nice. This item 6ed belong on this page. The more visible light you have, the more it is going to interfere with IR and the less you will be able to see at night. My order said kinamax, i got something from a company called Sabrent.