But the setup is ridiculous. With good performance and plenty of versatility, this is one area where Kodak did a great job. All-in-all a great buy and a versatile camera. For those interested in a rechargeable solution, Kodak sells an accessory pack and charger for just this purpose. Proceeding carefully, you could step the zoom in one by one, but this proved somewhat difficult to do. As far as power consumption. The only slight concern I have is in the design of the pop-up flash:

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Switching to rechargeable AA’s resulted in a slight improvement maybe two dozen photos before needing to change the batteriesbut that still means carrying quite a bit of extra equipment around.

I found that the camera focused acceptably quickly — fast enough to satisfy most kkdak.

Likewise, the interference showed processing screens so often that this camera felt to be the slowest of any digital camera I have ever used where settings adjustments and post-shot processing were concerned.

I may have it set to an energy consumng mode, but as is i t will double the cost quickly. The position of the zoom is awkward for me. For a detailed listing of specs and features, take a look at the specs table found at kodakk bottom of the review.

The Z IS is a mixed bag easyahare exposure. The screen on the Z is about average for modern digital cameras.

Kodak Z IS Review and Specs

All in all I am happy with the camera. Keep the sensitivity low kdak the image quality from the Kodak Z IS is very good. If you buy this item, there may be a delay with your order.

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At the end of the day for me, judging a camera comes down to its ability to produce a good image.

I don’t like the pocket size point and shoot – I love the Kodak Easyshare ! With good performance and plenty of versatility, this is one area where Kodak did a great job. With less resolution and less color accuracy than the screen, the viewfinder appeared to be a bit more washed out and showed grain a bit quicker, making it ill suited for image review but just fine for composition.

Anyone looking to do a lot of rapid shooting will be thoroughly disappointed with this camera. Point-and-shoots tend to have lower optical zooms usually in koak 3X-6X rangewhile this camera has a nice 12X zoom with image stabilization. I bought a lens and an adapter. However I could use it for quite awhile before it stopped working.

This camera, like many point and shoot cameras, will record digital video. If it is anything like my previous Kodak camera and battery pack combination, I expect to be able to get several hundred photos per charge.

The telephoto lens moves quick, so the camera loses focus, and you have to reacquire the image.

Kodak EasyShare Z IS Review – DigitalCameraReview

There were few surprises, z101i2s most of the layout proving self-explanatory if you have used most any other digital camera. The Kodak Z IS did a good job of delivering wonderful color that was mostly true to life regardless of the light source. Good, inexpensive camera with lots of options The camera is a good in-between for those that like point-and-shoots but would like DSLR-like options.


More often, having to repeatedly incite the Z to focus just meant that it took longer to get the shot.

On z1012js score, this camera is generally a success. Without pre-focusing, the camera takes. I like to protect my investment with a uv lens. When Kodak quit the business I was heartbroken and thought I could no longer use the camera.

The ultrazoom market seems to be the fastest growing digicam sector right now.

Kodak EasyShare Z1012 IS digital camera — User guide

The processing of pictures in-camera looks good. Kodak definitely styled this camera to fit the standard ultrazoom look. ISO and would make due, but when compared to many cameras in this class the Z really falls apart here, with noise reduction and extreme easyshaee shifting stripping every bit of the fine detail and a large portion of the dynamic range by ISO It feels great in the hand, is easy to manipulate, and the zoom focus is fast, sharp, and crisp.