Lomond has since released the EvoJet Office 2, which is essentially the same printer with the same print speed claims, but with a design makeover and a few tweaks. News and information About Lomond Distribution. Lomond EvoJet Office review 2. Not just the fastest printer we’ve tested, the EvoJet Office produces quality prints for peanuts. Each colour cartridge contains 50 billion picolitres while black cartridges have twice the capacity. Built-in support for twelve Lomond media types. Lomond EvoJet Office review.

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In use it’s much quieter than most other inkjets, helped by the absence of frenetic print head movements. Papers for sublimation printing. Lomond inks are produced under license, from the components and under control of large and well-known European chemical company.

New range of Lomond Photo Economy for economic printing!

This site uses cookies to improve usage of website. Universal media Lomond universal media, including papers, self adhesive labels and polyester films, is intended for various printouts in office or home, They are suitable for printing plain documents, manuals, stickers and labels, slides, layouts, etc.

To reach these high speeds, Lomond uses specially formulated dye-based inks that dry in less than one second. Fine Art Perchament Paper. High resolution, wide color gamut, resistance to UV rays and moisture. XL self adhesive vinyl film. Lets find the best product from our great and wide product range!


Lomond at FotoExpo in Prague! Pages cascade through the printer at a constant speed as the huge head lays down a so-called ‘waterfall’ of ink. Refillable through OEM authorized refill systems. As expected, the printer is powered by some capable hardware. Sublimation technology uses a chemical process lomonx which there is a change of dye ink lomonc a solid state to gas.

Lomond EvoJet Office 2 printer

Wide application range Suitable for applications in the home, office and commercial document printing, also for home photo and commercial label printing. XL materials for wide format printers Large Format Inkjet Media Lomond XL are intended for manufacturing of evojett, posters, signboards, playbills and banners, maps and drafts, full-colour photorealistic advertisements, print-copies and art reproductions.

Media for inkjet printers.

Prinhead job reaches speed up to million drops per second. During this change dye penetrates into the underlying structure of the material and turns back to gas from the solids. HP announced its PageWide technology in early November, which is quite similar to Memjet’s, although PageWide printers can print up to 70 pages per minute in normal mode and deliver 6-picolitre droplets.

Evojet printers

News and information About Lomond Distribution. The main difference between the EvoJet Office 2 lomonc its predecessor is a redesign. We also noticed that full page prints tend to make pages slightly damp. Lomond EvoJet Office review 2.


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XL papers for sublimation printing. The key difference is the fact that this head evojjet static as it lays down 1-picolitre ink droplets while the paper passes through, a quicker process than moving the print head from side-to-side as typically seen in traditional inkjet printers. This enables business owners to print for a fixed cost. News and information About Lomond Distribution.

So whether it is a full colour page, a monochrome document or page with only one character, the speed remains constant. Add your contact to our mailing list! Individual ink tank replacement Paper sizes: The printer would also stop for a few seconds after printing around pages to engage in a process that we suspect was print head cleaning – catch one of those cycles and you’ll have to wait a little longer for your printout.