It would be nice to see what is out there, so pics of them would be much appreciated! By applying these simple steps you can expect years or in many cases decades of wear. It remained in service until late , when it was replaced by a similar iteration as part of the U. The original US military design was crafted under the MIL-C standard, with the M field jacket abbreviated to M boasting a straight front design and water-repellent fabric. We are always working to strengthen and improve the security of our website to provide our customers with a safe and worry-free shopping experience. The Rakuten Global Market website implemented the following measures to improve its internet security.

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If vintage isn’t your thing, you may want to preserve the crisp ‘new’ look of your favorite jacket. These can act as a blazer alternative in the cooler spring and autumn months, ideally worn over shirt, tie and merino knit sweater. Try teaming with white or grey trousers. Spending a little more on a well reviewed cleaning service is worth the investment, especially since you’re probably only doing it once a year. Flap-patch utility pockets at the chest and hip are a nod to the classic design of the M Field Jacket.

Read on to find out how to keep it looking sharp for years to come. Wash on the longest cycle, then line dry and repeat as necessary. We will work at trying to get the information added to the site. Where faxi you get the patch and the badge?


A properly sized M fits like a suit of armor – tough and somewhat rigid, yet comfortable and equally ffield for rainy spring mornings, cool fall afternoons or cold city nights. Alternatively, you can fill your washer with cold water and add 1.

Hopefully he’s decided that after 10 years of doing muck, he wants to be an actor again? The popularity of the M design is due in large part to its masculine aesthetic and simple functionality.

Well done, Asgard, well done! Mary and Ernest Hemingway in on safari in Kenya. And as an added bonus the interior lining has an allover camo print.

These measures are to strengthen the security of our customers’ information. Additionally, polyester fibers do not absorb water and thus will dry faster and transfer moisture away from your body.

Why Every Man Should Own An M-65 Field Jacket

A relaxed blue field jacket is ideal for some laid-back layering. This J option from Suitsupply is tailored for a comfortable yet slim fit, crafted from pure wool by Vitale Barberis Canonico. It was ideal for the cool weather conditions following hacket rains. Chris is the Founder and Editor of Ape to Gentleman.

New Drivers  R92LE DRIVER

M Field Jacket, 2nd -TAXI DRIVER MODEL-

I keep a crisp black M on hand for occasions when I need to dress it up a bit. Did you know they are contemplating a sequel? I am more than willing to be judged by the people you claim to represent. Yes that could be it. Is there anyone else on the forum who is interested in, or owns, these jackets?

To maintain a crisp new M I will let them decide what price I should pay. Key advancements included snap closures for pockets and a zip, the latter replacing buttons to stop snagging on obstructions whilst crawlingtougher n65, a built-in hood that could be rolled up into a pouch on the back and velcro fasteners on the sleeve and collar.


The M65 Field Jacket: Awesome way to support your “all-time favorite film”! The original US military design was crafted under the MIL-C standard, with the M field jacket abbreviated to M boasting a straight front design and water-repellent fabric.

Polyester shares many attributes with nylon but retains dye better. This is definitely a more casual leaning jacket. Washing regularly will also soften the cotton resulting in a more ‘broken in,’ vintage look.