FM Tuner Built-in FM radio tuner is perfect for listening to your favorite talk, sports and music stations. I likely will not buy another Sony MP3 player after this. KLynnS, October 12, I like how the software is preloaded onto the MP3 player, even though it does take up a little space. As it is, it turns on when any button is briefly touched. It doesn’t have a hard drive moving parts , so it will last a long time my old mp3 is a 1gb Sony Walkman. One of the wall chargers failed in less than 3 months.

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The battery life is long, the FM feature works in my house, and I live way out in the country! I got tired of fiddling around with all the junky 50 dollar players and bought this. The Walkman devices will not support some file formats.

Excellent MP3 player, awesome battery life, easy to use. This is a real good Walkman. Please try your search wnz-s545 later. PerfesserBear, February 14, The drag and drop feature is fantastic and I like the fact I don’t have to download another media player. No scratches or damage of any kind. A year later, I bought a new phone. Showing of reviews.

These are great, I have one hwz-s545 my mom has one and they are the best iPod alternative! My suggestion is to shop around and try new products instead of always buying the same old, same old.


I love the amount of space this product allows. I just find the WMP interface better for batch processing. I purchased an optional blue tooth connector to play this device through my wireless speakers-had to read the instructions on the speakers and walkman–but then it was a simple connection when following instructions and works flawlessly up to about 25 feet. It didn’t clip off the end of the tracks when switching to the next track, like my older iAudio did.

Customers also shopped for.

Sony Walkman 16GB MP3 Video Player w/ Speakers, NWZ-S Black –

The ear plugs are cheap and it would be better to be able to play the radio without having hwz-s545 phones plugged in as they act as the intenna. I was looking for a player that could play movies smoothly and in good quality, had good battery life, external speakers if possible, had a good memory space, and a radio, and this is just what I needed! Sony Walkman MP3 Players.

In that mode, you can only opt for black screen or a ridiculously short flash of the clock every few seconds, not even long enough to read the time. Another important software upgrade would be to have the user hold down the power button for a period of time before it turns nwz-d545.


I own this sony walkman and an Ipod classic. Before Sony became a big name, remember they were small too, and the Walkman was one of the things that gave them a big name.

As it is, it turns on when any button is briefly touched.

Sony Walkman NWZ-S545 Black (16 GB) Digital Media Player

This item may or may not be in original packaging. We bought another screen protector and it was just as bad.

I bought this nnwz-s545 present for my wife for Christmas. Bubbabus, September 2, It has basic functions that work well. This doesn’t feel like a toy like all the cheap players either. I find it to be very user friendly and the color display is vibrant and crystal clear.

Neither of these are deal breakers or cause to reduce the rating in my opinion.

The sound quality is excellent, video quality is as well, I love how it records the radio so I can remember a song I like, and it’s indestructible. Battery life is phenominal.