Posted on December 4, 2018


The color itself was accurate. Once in a while, you’ll want to clean paper dust off the feed transport rollers inside the printer, but that’s it. The idea is to mimic film by providing an inexpensive but write-once medium. And, if you’re a DPOF fan, it’s fully compliant. We found the “space age” design of the PS to be attractive as well as functional. Others cede that point somewhat but say that ink jet offers a better option due to the greater variety of paper surfaces and usually larger available paper sizes. We were delighted with the PS’s cartridge system, which simply slips into the generous bay that’s exposed when you press a button on the top of the printer.

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Functions available include Move, Rotate not really necessaryResize and Copies. Words can be Curves. Create new account Request new password. Page two lets you calibrate the printer, set a specific skin tone Yellow, White or Blackenable Windows color management or disable color preferences altogether. There’s also a separate program available on the Web site called Adjustor to adjust printing parameters and save the modifications as a driver default.

PhotoDesiree prinfer you studio quality results right at home. The only catch to this convenience is that there’s no equivalent of those drugstore negatives for reprints. Hang on a minute.

HiTi Hi-touch Imaging Technologies Photo Printer PS | eBay

Anyone can make beautiful prints quickly and easily. Hi-Touch said the prints compare to inkjets printe dpi. I was happy to see that the printer used a standard PC-type AC power cord and not one of those! Sixty minute film processing is one thing, second instant digicam printing is another, and you don’t even need to leave home!


A small LED on the front indicates the power status. This is fairly straightforward and offers the usual image-editing capabilities. Even inkjet printers are more expensive, here’s a rpinter of their per print costs: Templates for the HiTi 4×6″ photo, 4x2x4 sticker and 4×4 sticker media. Start by turning on the printer, inserting your storage card with an adapter if necessary and printing an index of the card contents. Falling in love with fall. For standalone operation, the size of your image matters, too.

HiTi Photo Printer 630PS

And print after print comes out with the right color balance and looks and feels just like a regular photo lab print. We found the buttons a little stiff, but at this price, we aren’t complaining.

printr Finished prints stacked up neatly on top of the cassette. No charge for development and free film, too. And it even provides access to some minor image editing capabilities.

And those inkjet prints have no water or UV resistant qualities. With no messy inks, dye sub printing is very clean. Autumn in New England. Bend and tear the print along the two perforated short edges and you have borderless prints. Kits include dye-cut sticker paper for all the various sizes supported by the print driver as well as combinations of them. Simply drag-and-drop the desired photos into each of the three template areas.

New Drivers  ATK0110 WINDOWS-7 DRIVER

In fact, the sheet cassette meant we could let it run unattended. Click the thumbnail above to download a dpi KB scan of a PS print and the same image printed on a Canon S printer. The paper is thick not flimsy, it feels like a “photo” and it has a real nice glossy surface and comes out completely dry.

Page one of the print driver has options for selecting the media type, setting the orientation, printing 2-inch ID photos, number of copies, enabling the Preview function and optionally adding a visible watermark Magic coating over the picture. Temperature controls how much dye transfers at any point on the paper.

All of this is accomplished with easy to follow onscreen menus and prompts, it’s fun and you don’t need to spend an hour reading a manual first. In addition to yellow, cyan and magenta dyes, the ribbon contains a clear coating.