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Higher integration reduces overall product cost. Also, mimicking the latest from 3dfx and NVIDIA and soon to be Matrox , the Savage4 also supports the “oh-so-marketable” digital interface for flat panel LCD displays, a feature which will slowly gain popularity and eventually pick up as the desired output port on video cards when digital LCD monitors drop to a more reasonable price point. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. S3 Graphics, Ltd is a graphics hardware manufacturer founded in January What S3 needed was another chance, should the market give them another chance and more importantly, is it worth re-visiting S3 after what they pulled with the Savage3D? Unfortunately for S3, deliveries of the Savage3D were hampered by poor manufacturing yields.

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Let’s find out as AnandTech takes an in-depth look at S3’s latest shot at a low-cost, high-performance video-solution. S3 Trio3D lacks support for S3D titles.

S3 Graphics Savage 4 (Windows 2000/XP)

Last year was the return of the former heavy szvage4 to the market and comparatively speaking, they did not achieve the same status that they once held prior to the transition towards standardizing 3D accelerators.

Sometimes standard S3 drivers won’t work on such cards. This time around, 3dfx isn’t the competition, NVIDIA isn’t the one to topple, and Matrox isn’t the one S3 needs to be guarding their customers from, instead, this time around S3 is looking to be the best they can be, not the best in the market. MX was designed as a power-effecient mobile graphics solution, yet it made apg on desktop due to low cost.

It causes missing textures, errors in geometry and models, and minimal performance benefits.

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Unreal Engine 1 games frequently support it, and may also have optional S3TC textures available. If you are to choose the latter option, times are a bit less fast paced and competitive, however the challenge is equally as great if not greater.


As a high-performing solution, the Savage3D would offer the most bang for your buck, however the frame rate dreams of the Savage3D ended up being quite disappointing and therefore took it out of the run for the number one spot in the race for the 3D king last year. Retrieved from ” https: The Savage XP was basically a repaired version of the Savage and considered too outdated.

S3’s first Windows accelerators. Case in point is the formerly dominant force in the video industry, S3. Offered good value for the money at the time. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

IBM S3 Savage4 Xtreme (33L) 16MB SGRAM AGP 4x/8x Graphics adapter | eBay

In this respect at least, S3’s economical use of transistors proved highly advantageous. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The original chip and the VX have inadequate performance outside of S3D games. VIA Technologies x86 processors. Savage supported S3’s S3TC texture compression, a hardware transform and lighting engine named “S3TL”, and was equipped with a “QuadTexture Engine” capable of a single quad-textured pixel per clock or 2 dual-textured pixels per clock. What S3 needed was another chance, should the market give them another chance and more importantly, is it worth re-visiting S3 after what they pulled with the Savage3D?

As with most other 3D accelerators that are just now hitting the streets, the Savage4 provides compatibility with both AGP 2X and 4X specifications, with the 4X versions of the parts hitting the streets towards the end of the year with Intel’s release of the upcoming AGP 4X compliant chipset aka Camino. The DX and GX have approximately double the 3D performance and can run some Direct3D adequately if the driver is compatible with the game.

New Drivers  KB 9963 KEYBOARD DRIVER

Like Savage4, this chip was somewhat popular for Unreal Tournament. With the dawn of the 3D gaming era, S3, like a number of other former heavy weights such as Matrox and Number Nine, seemingly dropped off the face of the earth.

The Savage4 starts off by boasting a core very similar to the original Savage3D, in actuality, the 0. The compressed textures were a vast improvement over the standard textures used on all other cards.

But in the grand scheme of things, it would take much more than Hercules, a company much smaller than the Diamonds and Creatives out there to save S3’s rear with the Savage3D. Originally on top of the game before the 3D revolution in the mid’s, S3 controlled a large portion of the market simply because they could produce competitive 2D accelerators that performed well, and could be molded to fit virtually any desktop situation.

It’s easy to make a decision on what video card you want to buy in comparison to the difficult time the manufacturers have creating the products you want, while making a profit and remaining competitive.

This page was last modified on 6 Decemberat High performance GUI accelerators during and Savage was a product-line of PC graphics chipsets designed by S3. The Savage XP was the first chip announced by the regrouped S3 in Not only that, but S3TC allowed these much higher quality textures to be rendered with negligible eavage4 impact.