You can select the file name format. For details, see page 2. Check Print Page Border to print a border around each page on the sheet. If your printer is not already connected to the computer, OTES the following window will appear. You can print images in black and white or color mode if your machine supports it.

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Squeeze the width guide, as shown and slide it to the stack of paper until it lightly touches the side of the stack. Changing The Default Settings Changing the Default Settings The copy options, including samsunv, original type, copy size and number of copies, can be set to the most frequently used modes.

Samsung Printer SCXFN Drivers Windows, Mac OS – Samsung Printer Drivers

Select the print order Options from the drop-down list. You can directly print files stored on the Sqmsung flash drive. Control Panel Functions Allows you to access a list of your PC software programs that an image can be scanned to. In Secure Receiving mode, all incoming faxes go into memory. Page Option Using the Junk Fax Barrier feature, the system will not accept faxes sent from remote stations whose numbers are stored in the memory as junk fax numbers.

Auto Fit Copying Auto Fit Copying This special copy feature can be applied only when you place a document on the document glass. If you want to edit the scanned image, use the toolbar. For further details, see page 2.


Improper adjustment of other controls may result in damage, and may require extensive work by a qualified service technician to restore the machine to normal operation. Page 21 Special Features Your new machine is equipped with special features sc-4×20 improve the print damsung.

You can load approximately 50 sheets of plain paper, 5 envelopes, 5 transparencies, 5 sheets of card stock, or 5 labels at a time. If necessary, you can use special copy features, such as Collation and 2 or 4 Up-copying.


The document types recommended for the resolution svx-4×20 are described in the table below: This style may be more likely to wrinkle. Frequent copy paper jams occur. Unauthorized USB flash drives may not work with your machine. Ringer Equivalence Number Fax Branding The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of makes it unlawful for any person to use a computer or other electronic device to send any message via sx-4×20 telephone facsimile machine unless such message clearly contains in a margin at the top or bottom of each transmitted page or on the first page of the transmission samzung following information: To register yourself as a user of Samsung Printers in order to receive information from Samsung, select the checkbox and click Finish.

The resolution setting is automatically changed to Fine. You can select the file name format. In Windows NT 4.


Clone Copying This special copy feature can be applied only when you place a document on the document glass. If your machine detects a fax tone on the line, scx-44×20 automatically starts to receive the fax. Printer Settings Printer Settings You can use the Samsung SCX-4×20 Series printer properties window, which allows you to access all of the printer options you need when using your machine.

Selecting The Paper Tray Selecting the Paper Tray After loading the print material for fax output, you have to select the paper tray you will use for the fax job. Dust and dirt may accumulate on them, resulting in spotty printing. Selecting a Samaung Select a level, stable place with adequate space for air circulation.


Insert the USB flash drive. Explore Further Samsung Scx f. Press the scroll button or until the number you want appears on the display. Page 8 Speed Dialing Check the power switch and the power source.

The drivers address their devices via so-called MFP ports. Paper full Paper empty To load paper, pull open the paper tray and load paper with the side to be printed on face down.