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The deal is for sansa player only. With the Sansa e, it’s a different story. People who bought this also bought. Message 6 of 7 9, Views. No USB cable nor earphones. Better than I ever thought it could be!

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Welcome to the forum and enjoy your new Sansa player! The deal is for sansa player only. Product Key Features Storage Capacity. I found them to be overwhelmingly positive about the player and my own experience has been no different.

If you discover you have a v2, go here instead. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. They too have f260 pin connector that looks similar and can be forced into the port on the player, but they are wired differently and will DESTROY your SanDisk player if used.

I just to rockbox on it! And if it’s for looks, the translucent ring wheel on the Sansa glows deep blue while you use it. I can recommend it to anyone looking for this kind of device. Plyaer 7 of 7 9, Views.

Sansa e200 series

This is most noticeable on musical tracks where the song does not fade completely out before the next begins. The buttons on the side of the wheel are a bit hard to push around the scroll wheel, which in itself is a bit of a hassle unless u have nails to use in the grooves to rotate it or by placing it in one hand and scrolling with the fingers of the other hand.


Really, the price just doesn’t justify the functions that Sandisk managed to stuff into this thing. Overall in very good condition 9 out Make it brighter in morning for legibility, turn it down at night to save power.

SanDisk Sansa e Black ( 4 GB ) Digital Media Player | eBay

The backs aren’t always right. Microsoft PlaysForSureRhapsody. If it starrts with an 03, it’s a v2.

You CAN use Rhapsody, Windows Media and 4bb, but you can also just open the music folder and dump everything into the player with a simple click and a drag. Playwr you are looking for something to do what it is supposed to then buy this one.

The SanDisk Sansa e Black Digital Media Player comes with an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery and boasts a playback time of up to 20 hours, meaning the SanDisk Sansa e will keep you jamming without letting you down.

Snadisk searching for it, note that the same cable is used for the e series, c series, and Fuze original model. Simply connect the player to your computer, and stock up on your best tunes.


Its intuitive, user-friendly interface, sleek design, and a multitude of useful features make the SanDisk Sansa e Black Digital Media Player an ideal companion for any music lover.

Message 5 of 11 10, Views. They introduced a MP3 player right in the middle of the iPod Nano hype, with similar dimensions, and similar market targets.

Sansa e series – Wikipedia

The player works great and after using the software that came with it I found it was really easy to add music or other media to it. The sound quality is Fantastic to me it is. Then it should start up normally and complete the firmware update. Message 3 of 7 23, Views. Message 4 of 7 19, Views. Message 1 of 7 23, Views.

Rockbox firmware also supports the e series just as it supports the c series, and adds the same features. Apparantly there sahsa 2 different User’s Guides now; 1 for the v1 and another for the v2 models. If the number of the firmware version in the top line starts with an 01 it’s a v1. So, this is my first player of any kind.