CONS Relatively light head isn’t the easiest to locate and can affect timing and lead to inconsistent results; some faster swingers feel they need to dial down their swing. Tried the TL an R11 at a demo day and really was surprised at how great the TL felt with godd distance. COO Country of Origin: Don’t try to do too much and it’ll behave with accurate results; some testers get a controlled, predictable outcome by taking a little off the swing. I am thinking about the 59x, but I’ve seen some 72x shafts out there as well. In summary, these are very nice clubs that I would say are due to an improved club head and a great shaft. I didn’t notice a tremendous difference in forgiveness between either club, but it was a pretty limited sample, and I made solid contact on most of the swings with both clubs.

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Posted 01 July – I’m happy to try to answer any questions, if there’s anything I didn’t cover in this novel. Don’t try to do too much and it’ll behave with accurate results; some testers get a controlled, predictable outcome by hl310 a little off the swing. I always find something as good but never better enough to justify the price. I had no trouble selling this driver but I stated to the buyer that T310 could not hit it.

The firm’s tests reveal that a gram reduction in total club weight increases ball speed by 1 mph. Sign in or Register with Golfalot. The TL was also surprisingly anti-left.


Cleveland Launcher TL Driver Review – Golfalot

The tl3110 is fantastic, a nice penatrating flight, great carry and distance. The is much light and I can flight the ball any way I want to fade, draw, cut, hook.

I took the FT-5 out the next day and couldnt keep it on the fairways everything was going right and not tl30 that but it was incredibly short. I like this driver a lot, and I’m seriously considering keeping it in the bag, at least part-time.

Eliwell TL 310 Digital Thermometer, 1 Input Panel Mount

My Cleveland prior to this one, hits it a “ton”. Manufactured from tough ABS plastic, this water-resistant instrument is supplied with a rubber boot to provide added protection during routine use. You are using a theme designed for your browser. Here are the averages with each club: I am by far hitting it straighter, more penetrating without any ballooning at all, and with less spin the my other drivers.

The smaller head is aimed at better players who want to move the ball around a little more and you do feel more in control of this driver thanks to its shorter shaft. Initially, I asked to try the wedges, lt310 after giving it a tll310 thought, I realized that I wouldn’t really be able to tell anyone anything they didn’t already know about Cleveland’s wedge line, but I could test out the conventional wisdom that people with faster clubhead speeds are better off with a heavier driver — for t310 and control, or just for feel.


Obviously, the most important thing is, how did the TL perform? Solid feel, flush sound on center hits, nothing too distracting; ball jumps on well-struck shots. I’m 65 years old and the Clevland driver is one of the best drivers I have ever hit. Tell us what you think here.

At first I thought the stiff shaft would hard for me to hitbut it feels light and I am able to accelerate the club. Very light and easy to swing, which is particularly nice for senior players; balanced club provides satisfying feedback to hands.

Best decision i have ever made this thing is almost impossible to hit off line and the face is smoking hot. Actually felt the Cleveland was a bit longer. Excelent shaft, club head Both balls were the new Titleist Pro V1x’s, and I marked the balls differently tl10 make sure that I could identify which was which.

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Hitting into quite a strong wind and was getting great distance. Lots of roll out.

Posted 03 May t,310 The TL is a traditional looking pear shaped head with no distractions at address. Feature an external temperature probe for taking measurements near the source. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next.